Just In: CD Blues Cafe to Close Tonight

Well, I haven’t exactly spent that much time there over the past few years but it’s still shocking, sad and abrupt: A Notice went out today that CD Blues Cafe is closing and tonight will be their last bash 🙁
The story is a bit murky with electricity being shut down and things of the sort so they’re not happy campers. There’s also a Blues Festival that was supposed to take place there later this month that will be cancelled or moved…

From Weibo:

曾经的CD咖啡就要成为历史的上一页,这个承载了很多人音乐梦想的沃土将因政府改建被农展馆收回.但我们的音乐梦想还在延续新的CD BLUES也将很快与大家见面.2012年5月5日我们在被断电的情况下租了发电车,这一天也将成为这所老房子营业的最后一天.希望所有与老房子有情缘的朋友都能来参加这最后一次盛会.

Address and Directions at http://www.cdbluescafe.cn/

So if you have time tonight, stop by for one last drink and one last dance…
another one bites the dust 🙁

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  1. Alex says:

    They seem pretty confident they’ll find another venue and say it’s all going ahead as planned. I wish them good luck!