Roots of the World- Mini- Guide to Hangai Music Festival 2012

I’ve been looking for this one since i saw the first post about it over a month ago.. Why? just look at the names coming in and the numbers of countries/ethnics represented! Hanggai, in organizing the 2012 edition of their festival, has pulled off one hell of a coup. They have also managed to stay clear of Festival weekend so they stand alone in spotlight, a position they don’t usually shy away from. So, without any further due, let’s see what’s in store:

May 5th 2012 May 6th 2012
15:00-15:30 Khorgan&坎儿井
15:45-16:00 佳佳与朋友们
16:30-17:00 Otor
17:30-17:50 九宝
18:20-18:50 戏班
19:20-20:00 山人
20:30-21:10 Tiloun (法属留尼汪)
21:40-22:20 南城二哥
22:40-23:10 Windbone (瑞士)
23:40-24:20 杭盖
14:00-14:30 立冬乐队
14:45-15:10 郭涌
15:35-16:00 Nomadic
16:20-16:50 三川
17:20-17:50 阿基耐
18:20-19:00 Rhythm of rajasthan (印度)
19:30-20:15 部落
21:45-22:30 刀郎之魂乐团
23:00-23:45 Yemen Blues (以色列)

There quite a few bands worth watching and the lineup is equally strong on both days… but what got me even more excited is the following bands:

Rhythm of Rajasthan – India
Rhythm of Rajasthan offers characteristically lively folk music from Rajasthan, India. The band performs richly varied music and dance, representing the distinctive styles of the two different groups that make up Rajasthan’s desert lands: the Langas and Manganiyars. Both the Langas and Manganiyars communities comprise of Muslim musicians, but many of their songs are in praise of Hindu deities and celebrate Hindu festivals, such as Diwali and Holi. With this lively and inclusive offering, the group has proven popular around the world. They have performed in various venues across many countries, including Superbowl Live in Hollywood and the Kennedy Centre.

Yemen Blues – Israel
Yemen Blues is an eclectic ensemble of musicians from Israel, powered by lead singer Ravid Kalahani. The band delivers a raw yet refined sound, produced from drumming on olive cans, hitting elusive microtones, and singing in invented languages. Yemen Blues is more than just music though; it’s a deep invocation. Kalahani sings of his love for the African desert, about the unity of language and experience, and of gratitude for life’s gifts. Yemen Blues’ concerts are a real treat, not least because of their musical variation and the energy – almost magic – that takes place on the stage. Audiences around the world love the unique mixture of African grooves and Yemeni song – a mixture of innovative sound and a strong message. Expect the unexpected!

Soul of Dolan – Xinjiang China
(not to be confused with the band named “Dolan”)
A band of passionate folk artists, The Soul of Dolan Ensemble present Dolan Muqam, a traditional hybrid of music-poetry that has been transmitted orally for centuries in Makit County, Xinjiang. The unique environment of China’s far western province has bestowed on the Dolan people a distinctive culture, which is reflected in the sound of this very special band. The ensemble creates a trance-like atmosphere with the use of traditional instruments and a chorus of their own enrapturing voices. Audiences will be drawn in as the musicians beat hand drums, and perform the traditional qalun dulcimer, the Dolan rawap (a plucked instrument) and the Dolan ghijak (a vertically-held fiddle). It’s a unique, passionate folk music – not to be missed.

Tiloun – Reunion
Tiloun hails all the way from St Denis on Creole’s Reunion island. His songs fall under the genre of Maloya, folk music native to his homeland that is comparable to the Blues. Tiloun was initiated into music from childhood (dancing, playing drums, singing – it is in his blood!). However, he only began to explore Maloya and its philosophy as an adult. Local riots of 1991 triggered in him the need to express himself, and singing gave him that voice. Through his songs, Tiloun recounts the rich history of Reunion, an island diverse in culture. His fragile yet striking voice stays true to the uncluttered and harmonious sounds of Maloya. Since the 2011 release of his second full-length album, “Kas in poz”, Tiloun has played live in numerous venues, and is now also gracing the stage of the World Music Festival in China.

Of course, having Hanggai on there, Ajinai, 9 Treasures, Lidong, Shanren and all the others is just as much fun….
I expect this one to be a feast for the ears and the eyes alike folks… Keep in mind festivities start early by Beijing standards

What: Hanggai 2012 World Music Festival
Where: Mako Livehouse ( Shuanjing, Beijing)
When: Saturday May 5th, Sunday May 6th 2012
Ticket: 200RMB Per day / Advance Ticket: 150RMB Per day / 2Day Pass: 300RMB
buy here:

See you there.

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