Beijing Music Day – Fete de la Musique: One night, 14 concerts, all free

In all the ‘dazeFEAST stuff, I’ve completely forgotten to mention a really cool event dear to my heart: Beijing Music Day.
Originally, this worldwide celebration is organized by the French Cultural Center but this year, it’s a motivated group of young guys and girls that have done an amazing job putting together a free evening of music throughout Gulou. As if organizing one concert wasn’t bad enough, they have managed to put together 14 concerts, the same evening, for FREE

respect respect respect! Vous avez fait un super boulot, les filles!!!

I’ve known about this for a little while now and beijingdaze is one of the sponsors of the event but our part was miniscule compared to the work the team behind Beijing Music Day did.

Here is their Blurb

The “Fête de la Musique” makes its debut in Beijing !
The “Fête de la Musique”, celebrated each year on June 21st worldwide, makes its debut in Beijing in 2012 !
Started in 1982 in France, this event takes place every year in most French cities. It now tends to become global : this year the Fête de la Musique will be held in more than hundred countries in Europe and over the world.
In Beijing, on June 21st, from 6:30 pm till late, the district of Gulou will be taken over by the sound of live music. Come along to experience this momentous event and get the chance to listen to rock’n’roll, dub step, reggae, blues, jazz, electro with bands. The gigs will take place in the best bars that Gulou has to offer, from more intimate venues to electrifying stages. A variety of genres to suit everyone’s taste !

¤¤¤¤ LINES UP ¤¤¤¤


23H30 – 24H15 SUBS [Punk Garage Rock]

22H00 – 23H00 Amazing Salesmen Insurance 保险超人 [Bluesy Funkedelic Rock]

20H45 – 21H45 Perpetual Motion Machine 永动机 [Old School New-wave Rock]

19H30 – 20H30 To be confirmed

¤¤ TEMPLE BAR 坛酒吧 ¤¤

01H00 Dj OSHI [Tropical Dubstep]

23H30 WHAI 坏 [Ningxia Progressive Rock]

22h00 CNdY [Electronica Acid Trip]

20H30 The K [Punkabily]


00H00 DJ SUNBROWN [Swing and Funk ]

23H00 – 00H00 Mama Funker [Brazilian Funk]

22H00 – 23H00 Space Monkeys [Electro]

¤¤ SALUD 老伍 ¤¤

22H45 Dj CECIL [Funky Deep House]

21H30 – 22H30 CHRISTMAS [Quirky Idiotic Rock]

18H30 – 19H45 Beijing Beatles [Rock’n Roll]

¤¤ JIANGHU 江湖酒吧 ¤¤

20H30 – 23H30 Randy Abel Stable [Country]

¤¤ BEILUO CAFE 北锣咖啡 ¤¤

21H00 – 23H00 Fernando Fidanza [Italian Folk]

¤¤ ZAJIA LAB 杂家 ¤¤

23H00 Dj Green Monkey [Drum’n Bass – Dubstep]

21H00 AJINAI 啊基耐 [Mongolian Folk]

¤¤ TUSHUGUAN 98 图书馆98 ¤¤

22H30 DJ CARLO MotoMoto [Ska – Rockabilly – World D&B]

20H30 BYGA [French Folk]


21H30 Lulu Galore & Sweet Leaf [Swing]

¤¤ CANGKU 仓库酒吧 ¤¤

20H30 Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen 浪荡绅士 [Blues]

¤¤ JIANGJINJIU 疆进酒酒吧 ¤¤

20H00 LIDONG [Folk]

¤¤ GULOU 121 鼓楼121酒吧 ¤¤

22H00 Mademoiselle et son Orchestre [French Folk Chanson Française]

19H30 GANGZI [Mongolian Folk]

¤¤ BLUE STREAM 蓝溪酒吧 ¤¤

21H00 Taste Of Soul [Blues]

19H30 Liangjun Jazz Quartet [Jam Session]

¤¤ XP 小萍 ¤¤

00H00 Noise Arcade + Arm Trick + Thruoutin [Experimental]

20H00 DJANG SAN [Experimental Folk Rock]


Line up coming soon !

d-_^b d^_-b

Opening: 18H30 at SALUD

Ending: Late at TEMPLE BAR

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How about that? it’s basically every venue and and every musician available on that day that’s busy with this event…. The way I look at it, it’s the perfect warmup gig for the onslaught on Saturday

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  1. June 13, 2012

    […] bad enough, they have managed to put together 14 concerts, the same evening, for FREE…” [Beijing Daze (lineup information […]

  2. June 22, 2012

    […] I celebrated my first of this originally French event with my pal Shorty. This is what she told me her English name was when we first met and it was only later that evening that I realized it was straight out of Indiana Jones 3:Temple of Doom. But it suits her tomboy, bootstrapping nature. She is from Fujin, came to BJ to stay with an Uncle who wouldn’t really put her up, had to fall back to her home town, worked her way to Guangzhou, taught herself English, worked her way to Beijing and currently pursues continuing fortune. Despite what she has squeezed out of life, Shorty knows nothing of live music, festivals, or the part of town where the various free concerts were held. While it didn’t all go down easily – she was shocked by the crowds, volumes, smoke and noise – I was pleased to be her companion for the evening. […]